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TD Bobcat Services offers a wide range of services relating to many property management needs. Our current and growing services have been derived from the needs of our customers which have grown to encompass many areas of property asset maintenance. We offer to our customers everything they need to maintain their property to their high standards. These services include many areas that for some customers are only seasonal and for others are year-round budgeted solutions to their maintenance requirements. While offering the below services we continue to service our customers with a full assortment of excavating equipment ranging from skid steer loaders and tandem trucks to full and mini excavators. Also, our involvement in our local senior’s assistance program means that senior citizens living in their homes and needing assistance with yard care can take advantage our snow removal and lawn care services free of charge.
Staying Safe during Winter

Winter Services

Winters in Alberta can be brutal, and having to constantly remove large amounts of snow from your property can be a hassle. That’s where TD Bobcat Services comes in. During the winter, we offer many services, such as clearing your sidewalks and parking lots of snow, and sanding these areas to ensure that you, the owner, have done everything possible to show “due diligence” to your insurance company.
In the fall of 2014, we introduced our liquid anti-icing and de-icing product called Beet55. This product offers our customers and, equally important, the environment an alternative to the traditional methods of preventing and removal of ice and snow. Beet55 is a sugar beet based de-icing product that is chloride-free and improves and accelerates the action of the other melting agents such as road salt, salt brine, etc. Beet55 is brown in color with a slight sweet odor and is environmentally friendly, all natural and renewable resource that is derived from sugar beets during the sugar making process. Beet55 is effective to -30 degrees C. Traditional salting procedures are effective only down to -12 degrees C.
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What we do

Providing exceptional Work

Spring Services

As snow and ice start melting when spring arrives, debris that was once covered by all the snow will begin to be more apparent. In the same way that snow removal can be tough for property owners, having to clean up after the winter season can be just as challenging. You can count on us to provide just as exceptional service during the spring. During this season, we can power sweep your parking lot to remove sanding chips and debris created over the winter and repaint your parking lines, among other things.

What we do

Spend Less Time Working

Summer Services

Summer is the season for being outdoors and taking advantage of the nice weather. However, large amounts of yard work can get in the way of you being able to enjoy the season. TD Bobcat Services can step in and allow you to take full advantage of the summer, taking on any work that may need to be done on your property. During this time, we can cut your grass, prune your trees and shrubs, weed your flower/shrub beds, and plant flowers as you request.
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What we do

Preparing for Fall

Fall Services

Every fall, the same thing happens: leaves fall to ground, meaning you have to spend lots of time to get your property looking clean again. You can save time by contacting TD Bobcat Services, as we offer a variety of services for fall, such as cleaning your property, maintaining shrub beds, and performing irrigation blow downs.

What we do